Election Results 2020

You have voted!… and here are the results:

Second votes of the 2020 election

Allocation of seats

ListVotesResult in %Seats
Club Marta*27333,2112
Campus Grün38947,32%17
Juso Liste14217,27%6

Erststimmen der Wahl 2020

Club Marta*

OrderName, SurnameVotes
1Muhr, Melissa57
2Rombach, Selina40
3Schäfer, Christina25
4Schmitz, Carolin16
5Sellien, Alina23
6Weise, Caroline15
7Determann, Clara28
8Kraudi, Anne16
9Reiter, Lea23
10Lüttchens, Nele17

Campus Grün

OrderName, SurnameVotes
1Jung, Laura104
2Benner, Lukas39
3Prats Baumann, Helen32
4Hero, Philip46
5Köhler, Lea43
6Malessa, Samuel31
7Trippner, Hannah67
8Jenet, David27

Juso Liste

OrderName, SurnameVotes
1Benz, Anna47
2Moering, Rasmus61
3Blessmann, Simon20
4Penndorf, Marc17
5Aelsmann, Lars8

Invalid votes: 6
Abstentions: 2

All candidates have entered the student parliament.

More info on the election:

The election minutes can be inspected at the AStA secretariat until January 11 in accordance with §15 para. 3. Within this period, the election can be contested in writing with reasons to the election management (wahlleitung@stupa-landau.de). 

The inaugural meeting of the newly elected Student Parliament was held online at 8 p.m. on Jan. 11.

Contact for further questions: