The StuPa can set up committees to prepare resolutions. These committees meet regularly to discuss current issues and prepare for the bi-weekly StuPa meeting. In principle, all students of the University of Koblenz-Landau, Landau Campus are welcome to attend the meetings of the committees as well as the meetings of the entire parliament. All students can be elected to committees at StuPa meetings.

At present, there are the following committees:


Part of the semester fee you pay goes to the student body and this part is administered by the StuPa as the student budget. The committee regularly checks the current expenditure of the student body and consults on financial issues. Once a year, the committee also checks the entire budget. In addition, it draws up the budget for the following legislative period together with the Finance Department. Through its work, the Finance Committee also monitors the work of the AStA Finance Officer.

The chair of the Finance Committee is Melvin Geib Caballero. You can reach him at: finanzausschussvorsitz[at]


This committee deals intensively with the statutes and regulations of the student body. For us, the constitution is the set of rules for our democracy and is often consulted on various questions that have to do with university politics. But even a constitution is not perfect and needs to be refreshed from time to time, which is what the committee does. It discusses possible changes to the constitution and then passes them on to the StuPa as a motion. The committee also meets to discuss questions of interpretation of the statutes and regulations.

If you are a university group or student council, you can also contact this committee if you need help drawing up a constitution or if you would like to have your constitution checked.

As the statutes committee has not yet been constituted and no executive committee has been elected, it is best to write to the presidium at if you have any questions.


The Election Publicity Committee deals with the attractiveness of parliament and works out ways and possibilities to make university politics more attractive and informs about the StuPa elections. The StuPa election takes place annually in December. In order to get as many people as possible to the ballot box, the committee provides information about university political structures, promotes the election and provides you with a lot of information about the student parliament and the elections.

Since the election advertising committee has not yet been constituted and no executive board has been elected, it is best to write to the presidium at if you have any questions.


This committee deals with the restructuring of the University of Koblenz-Landau. This is where current information on the status of the restructuring flows together. Current issues are discussed and positions are prepared. The committee offers all students the opportunity to participate in this process and to inform themselves about the current status of the process.

Since the restructuring committee has not yet been constituted and no executive board has been elected, it is best to write to the presidium at if you have any questions.


This newly founded committee deals with socio-political issues. Here we talk about all the topics that students deal with in their everyday lives. For example, about financial hardship and study problems.

Since the Social Committee has not yet elected a Board, if you have any questions, it is best to write to the Presidium at:


This newly founded committee deals with student mobility. It mainly discusses the topic of parking space management and tries to find ways to make the project as socially sustainable as possible.

Chairperson of the Mobi Committee is Katrin Weitzel. You can reach her at: