Motions and agenda items

Motions and agenda items

Agenda items, or TOPs for short, should be received before the invitation is sent out, if possible. At the moment, the invitation is sent out on Wednesdays. So if you have a matter that should be on the agenda, you should submit your agenda item by Tuesday (11.59 p.m.) before the next meeting.

An agenda item should include the following points:

  1. Name of the agenda item
  2. Brief description for the invitation (1 – max. 3 sentences)
  3. Documents to be made available to the StuPa for preparation. Classically, this is a disbursement or project money application, but it can also be contextual information on a specific content. If it is a matter of voting on a specific motion, the name of the proposer and the wording of the motion should be provided.

Agenda items can still be submitted after the invitation has been sent out. Here too, the earlier the information is available, the better. At the beginning of the meeting, a vote is taken on whether or not the new item should be added to the agenda.

In principle, the submitters of the items should be present at the respective meeting in order to answer questions from the StuPa. If this is not possible due to time constraints, it is possible to nominate a deputy. If there are questions about an item that cannot be answered, items can be postponed to the next meeting, i.e. the motion will only be voted on at the next meeting.