JuSo List

We are the JuSo list, which emerged from the JuSo university group (i.e. Young Socialists) with a few other people who are interested in and committed to university politics. Together we are Anna, Rasmus, Simon, Marc and Lars. We stand for basic values of solidarity, freedom and justice. We want to bring these topics to the university and represent them in university politics. This means that we want to work pragmatically for you, the students, without a lot of bureaucracy or ideological subtleties.

In Corona times, this means something else than usual, two examples should make this clear:

When the Fatal needed more financial support than expected due to Corona, we successfully demanded that the Stupa increase the funds so that the Fatal had room to manoeuvre again.

We have also taken the lead in ensuring that the student councils will soon be able to elect their boards digitally and pass resolutions online. This necessary change to the statutes is a direct result of our commitment and will apply as soon as the bureaucracy of the university administration has given its blessing.

These examples make it clear: We, the Young Socialists, are directly and pragmatically committed to the interests of students, regardless of bureaucratic or political resistance.

But of course it must also be said: since the Stupa functions democratically as a parliament, none of this would have been possible without the other lists, which to our delight often agreed with our argumentation.

The first priority for us in the next legislative period is to survive this pandemic together as a student body, and we want to use all the possibilities that the StuPa has to do this.

In addition, restructuring will of course remain a major topic in the next legislature, and we want to actively work on it so that our students do not fall by the wayside in this process and we all have the best conditions to successfully complete our studies.

As in the last legislature, we want to work on issues that have been somewhat neglected this year due to Corona, but have not lost their importance.

Colourful Uni Landau

Trans* people must have the possibility to change their name before the TSG procedure is completed.

Vegan Canteen

We demand that the vegan options in the canteen are further expanded!

Extended opening hours of the library

We demand extended opening hours of the university library from 8am to midnight seven days a week.

Parking situation

Parking in the university car park is only possible with a valid student card.

Bicycle parking

We advocate for more bicycle parking spaces and partial roofing.

Campus barrier-free

We are committed to a barrier-free campus!

Strengthening student self-administration

We demand the strengthening of the student hour on Wednesday from 12 to 14 o’clock

Cooperation with the AStA

We want to work closely with the future AStA so that we can better fulfil the StuPa’s control function.