Campus Grün

We stand for equal rights for all genders, democratic coexistence, the preservation and protection of nature and the environment, free self-determination and the deep conviction that all people are born equal in rights, which is why access to education should be open to all. That is why we take a firm stand against right-wing extremism and other anti-democratic forces.

Study Parliament:
As a list in the student parliament, we have been committed to realising these convictions for over 7 years and want to continue working to make the campus a colourful place of cultural diversity, sustainable living and political education and participation opportunities.

What moves us at the moment:
Corona teaching & free study

Especially in the current situation it is clear: free study for all is important!
Due to the corona-related changeover to digital semesters, there are always cases where new decisions have to be made and regulations issued. This includes, for example, the handling of online exams or the many different approaches to securing performance in digitally held seminars. Here, we advocate that in such cases decisions are not made over the heads of our student body and that student interests such as data protection and fair examination conditions are preserved.
Furthermore, we see a longer-term potential in asynchronous digital teaching in the form of an additional teaching offer in the times after the pandemic. In the spirit of free study, we want to ensure that newly created digital infrastructure is not left to wither away, but is retained in the future as a voluntary alternative to face-to-face courses for students who are less flexible in their time allocation, for example because they have their own children or support themselves with one or more part-time jobs.

We value the productive cross-list and cross-committee cooperation within the framework of the ongoing university structural reform in the last legislature and want to continue to contribute to maintaining this in the coming year. In doing so, it is particularly important to us to protect Landau as a place to study, to achieve fair democratic participation in the basic and electoral regulations, to maintain study and teaching with regard to the strong research sector in Kaiserslautern and to promote the participation of students in the process in order to further strengthen the voice of our location.

Sustainability & student mobility
We want to continue to strengthen sustainable and student-friendly mobility in Landau. Therefore, we are in favour of public transport and the VRN-Nextbike system. More specifically, next year the city’s bus system will be revised to come into effect in two years. Here we want to campaign for students to have low-threshold access to local public transport. In addition, we want to resume negotiations regarding free use of the VRN-Nextbikes for students of our university after the pandemic.
In addition, we find the creation of new, at best covered, bicycle parking spaces on campus and at the satellite campuses desirable.

As a university group and list, we have been successfully strengthening and empowering women* for years and want to continue to pursue this goal, especially in university politics.

Precisely because of the current situation, we want to offer student projects and events the possibility of a (new) start and support them financially accordingly – taking sustainability into account. Cultural life in Landau must and should continue to be possible and hopefully soon again locally.

For questions or anything else you can reach us at: